If you would like to cancel your order within the first 120 minutes of order placement please call our number listed in the contact page.As we make the food items to order, once an order has gone into production we would be unable to accept cancellations. 


As most goods sold are of a perishable nature, made to order we have a zero returns policy and items once sold cannot be returned.


Refunds would be effected immediately via bank transfer in the following cases:

  1. The product is received with packaging damaged. 
  2. You have received a product in error
  3. The food item has spoilt in transit.

( kindly note that breakage to crsipy snacks in transit would not be considered as damage as that is the nature of the product itself)

All such claims for refund mmay kindly be accompanied with reasons for return and photographs.

To complete your refund you can get in touch with